We provide a variety of IT services, remotely, on-site and in the cloud, with professional experience in banking, artificial intelligence, insurance and game development.

Yutani offers consulting services, specializing in artificial intelligence, big data and blockchain technology.


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Software Development

We create software that does what you need it do, with a focus on full application life-cycle operations.


Based on your wishes, our first deliverable is always the user documentation, giving you a clear and complete overview of the functionality of your application.


From this we move on to prototyping, releasing new versions to as frequently as every day if desired, until the final version is complete.

Data Mining

Our in-house pattern mining solution finds new facts that no other software can, and tells you which patterns are actually interesting or surprising.


Depending on the volume of your data, we can provide turn-key systems on-site for the duration of the analysis. For cases where more processing power is required, we offer our cloud-based mining clusters that can be instantiated on an hourly basis.


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