Process Sphere

The ProcessSphere platform lets you define and refine your business processes in realtime, keeping your IT in step with your organization.
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ProcessSphere can keep track of any event or change that occurs in the system, giving you the performance statistics you need to keep your business optimized. 


Extend or change the default logging and monitoring configuration, with per-click and per-keypress level detail, which the system uses to suggest process optimizations and potential quality issues.


Automate and share daily and realtime performance reports to evaluate employee quality and efficiency and create an unalterable audit trail using our blockchain solutions.

Prototype and test process changes with (replicated) live data before pushing new defintions to your users in realtime. Due to the system understanding your business, it will identify potentially undesired effects of any changes you make and help you resolve them with machine-learning trained suggestions.

In ProcessSphere, you're in total control. Define your business processes using our intuitive and powerful Process Designer environment, so the system understands your organization and never loses track of your operations.


Need help? We provide on-site and remote consulting services to help you get the most out of your ProcessSphere environment. 

No more developers.
React to changes. In realtime.

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