Delegate trust.

Using digitally enforced 'contracts' on the Ethereum blockchain, we can help your business move away from expensive third-party mediation and validation service providers such as notaries and replace them with incorruptible process executors at a much lower cost.



Receive payments using a variety of digital currencies, and convert them to your preferred currency instantly. 


We offer consultancy support to implement locally hosted blockchain payment solutions into your existing software, as well as a fully documented online API that you are free to integrate by yourself.

We offer Windows- and webbased applications, as well as class libraries (.Net) to help you cryptographically prove the existence and contents of your audit trail in time.


This method creates an audit trail that is absolutely unalterable at a fraction of the cost, which through its distributed nature is 


Use blockchain technology to reduce the cost of transaction processing and solidify your audit trails.
Cryptographic proof.
Lower transaction costs.

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