Our data mining software does more than find patterns in your data. It tells you what's interesting and what's not.

Big Data

On-site or in the cloud.
Just let it run.

We can take care of the entire process, from mapping your data to our graph-based datastore to distributing the mining process and collecting the results.


Use our online pattern browser to analyze the results and uncover valuable strategy supporting facts that keep you ahead of the competetion.

Depending on the volume of your data, we can provide turn-key systems on-site for the duration of the analysis. For cases where more processing power is required, we offer our cloud-based mining clusters that can be instantiated on an hourly basis.

Get in touch to discuss the hidden potential of your data. We can guide you through the process of conversion, data mapping and help you understand the results.

Where other mining algorithms stop at counting the occurence of patterns, we go further.


Our software uses the latest in mutual information algorithms to mathmatically determine which patterns are unexpected, or even interesting, allowing you to focus on the strongest indicators and avoid wasting time on evaluating the obvious.

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Ignore the obvious.

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