Yutani is the partner of choice for any project involving Blockchain technology, Artificial Intelligence or Full-Stack Enterprise Application development.


We have experience in many fields, from online clothing design to AI-based Big Data solutions, and from workflow management to online gambling. 

Custom Software

Get the software solution that fits your organization, without compromise. 


We deliver fully documented turn-key solutions, including the management and support tools you need to manage your day-to-day operations.

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Big Data

Where other mining algorithms stop at counting the occurence of patterns, we go further.


Our software uses the latest in mutual information algorithms to mathmatically determine which patterns are unexpected, or even interesting, allowing you to focus on the strongest indicators and avoid wasting time on evaluating the obvious.



Blockchain Solutions

Blockchain technology is an emerging field, with many innovative and cost-reducing applications. 


We have extensive experience developing applications using blockchain technology, from payment processing to online gaming.


Contact us to discuss how blockchain technology can help to streamline your organisation.

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